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DMS - Document Management System
DMS in Educational Sector

We all know that the School, Colleges and Universities have humongous paper records of students and files for every academic year. Controlling the use of paper in itself will improve the efficiency of the operations carried out and reduce the cost eventually. We, at Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd, help the education administrators to digitize their entire paper records and store it in a lucid format. Hence, this will help streamlining the entire process of admissions. In this way, the educational institutes could go green and paperless and secure their information in an electronic format. This information could be accessed by all the departments in the educational institute in just a click. Our Document Management Software helps in simplifying the workflow in various departments like, Admissions, Registrations, Certifications, Fee collection etc and make the information available when needed.

DMS in Legal & Law Sector

Electronic legal document management system is the need of the hour in a country like India as managing forms, pending cases, client files and several other documents gets difficult to store and find whenever required. The legal documents can never be scrapped and hence digitizing the documents is the best solution. We, at Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd, will store all the legal documents electronically with instant access to all the records, emails and documents from any location. We guarantee 100% security and retrieval of the vital information. Document Management Solution is of immense help to the legal industry as compared to any other industry because there is a constant exchange of information through mails and a number of people are involved in a case. DMS makes sure that all the information is stored correctly and is available whenever required helping the legal firms to operate at an optimum level of efficiency.

DMS in Manufacturing Sector

Most of the manufacturing industries today face common challenges like meeting targets, reaching to the market fast and first, efficient and high quality production, professional customer service processes, mounting margin pressures, and uncertainty in consumer spending patterns. Out of all the above reasons, globalization is one of the main pressures driving all the organizations to adopt and implement standardized processes in their organization which could eliminate paperwork and save time. Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd provides solutions for manufacturing companies to increase their overall business accountability and efficiency by decreasing the dependence on paper based processes. Our Solution would help the organizations automate their processes, improve the visibility, decrease errors, and reduce labour costs significantly.

Benefits of DMS for Manufacturing companies are as follows:
      • Streamlining processes
      • Effective collaboration across the organization
      • Secured access to information
      • Efficient Supply chain management
      • Effective material management
      • Store not only documents but also detailed blue prints and videos
      • Automated routing of invoices, reports etc.
      • Track and store all information like emails, fax along with scanned documents
      • Easy retrieval of information
      • Ensure complete confidentiality and compliance

DMS in Financial services

Most of the Banks today require systems which are beyond core banking, mainly to improve productivity and centralize the back office so that the activities which does not involve customer could be moved to the central bank office from the branch. In this way the branch office could only concentrate on customer facing issues and a few value added services. Using ECM effectively would result in centralized back offices with improved customer experience. End to End Automation of a number of processes is the main solution offered for Banking and Finance sectors. The main aim is to cut down costs across business functions. Enterprise Content Management solutions help the existing business systems to face these challenges smoothly.

Digitization plays a vital role in process automation. It helps to transform all the manual paper based processes across the branch offices and head offices into electronic processes and eliminates all redundant activities. In Banks, account opening, loan centralization and trade finance are the key processes which need to be automated and digitized. Process automation of these processes leads to a wider visibility and transparency across the organization. We, at Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd, optimize the process by identifying the gaps and removing the bottlenecks efficiently. This will lead to enhanced customer experience and easy accessibility via number of channels like mail,fax,sms,web portal etc.

Benefits of using DMS in Financial Services:
      • Quick Return On Investments
      • Improved efficiency in operations across the organization
      • Streamlined processes
      • Instant access to documents

DMS in Real Estate Management

Real Estate management is very important for property managers, property owners and the staff of any property management firms to keep in pace with the other property developers in the market. They need to constantly keep a watch on the property records like notices, leases, and contracts and take apt decisions at the right time. Even a delay by a few hours could prove to be a heavy loss. Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd offers Document management solutions to improve efficiency and make quicker decisions. The property records can be searched instantly along with mapping, images, drawings from anywhere around the globe with just a click.

DMS in Healthcare

Healthcare services are no more restricted to taking care of the sick and disabled but has gone way ahead by embracing complex technical innovations which makes quality management a must in hospitals and clinics. The healthcare industry and the medicine industry are growing at a sky rocketing speed and are keen to adopt an approach which does not compromise on quality, customer care and management. Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd provides Document Management Solutions to Healthcare industry by digitizing all the documents like healthcare files of patients, billing records and other files and documents which could be retrieved electronically as and when required.

Benefits of DMS in Healthcare Industry:
      • Preserves very important information like insurance, bills, patient notes, charts, etc
      • Less paperwork and filing
      • Reduced storage space
      • Secured central repository accessible easily and quickly

DMS for Non-Profit Organization

The Non Profit Organizations make a steady effort to control their expenses and keep a keen watch on the inflows and outflows of funds. At times it gets difficult for the Non Profit Organizations to maintain tax records for the benefit of donors and also managing expense with the available resources. Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd offers DMS which would help the NPOs to acquire funding and maintain good relations with the end user. Our solutions would help the NPOs secure all the documents in an organized manner. The volunteers will no more be tied with the mundane filing work and instead concentrate on current campaigns and programs.

Benefits of DMS in Non Profit Organizations:
      • Keeps a track of expenses and the available budget for the campaigns
      • No worries of losing any kind of document
      • Can connect to any remote user across the globe

DMS in HR Department

Human Resource management has a strategic role in every organization. It is a known fact that the Human Resource department consumes maximum paper and storage space in the office which leads to decreased efficiency in workflow and increased stationary costs. Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd helps the HR department to go green and achieve a paperless workplace with added efficiency. This is accomplished by electronically storing the information of every employee, resumes, sick leaves, internal memos, cover letters etc. Our DMS will let you trace all the documents on request and assist you in generating reports quickly and easily.

Benefits of using DMS in Human Resource Department:
      • Central repository
      • Saves time
      • Saves paper
      • Retrieves documents faster
      • Never loses or misplaces any file